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The country's second-oldest law school accepts just 11 percent of its applicants , but an incredible 92 percent of its grads are employed soon after they graduate. Countless Supreme Court justices, federal judges, politicians, and business leaders have degrees from Harvard Law. It takes more than just high grades and impressive extracurricular activities to get into this elite school. To stand out among such a distinguished group, students need groundbreaking achievements and unique stories.

When Angela Antony was a senior at Harvard College, she co-founded Beanstockd Media , an environmental media and software company that encouraged green living through an interactive game. Players could compete against each other in a virtual stock market, where each player received personal stock based on their environmental footprint.

During her undergrad years at Harvard, she co-founded the Harvard Presidents Forum, an association of all the Harvard student associations, and was on the executive board of the Leadership Institute at Harvard College. After that, she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in psychology and finished her MBA at Harvard Business in And she has hobbies outside of business and law: she's a classically trained soprano , was on the Harvard JV soccer and sailing teams, and speaks four languages French, Spanish, Malayalam, and English.

Lily Axelrod's grandmother fled the pogroms in Poland at age 7 and arrived in a Chicago public school, Yiddish-speaking and near-sighted without glasses. Her family's immigrant struggle inspired her to become a community organizer at an immigrants' rights nonprofit organization in Mississippi before starting at HLS.

She helped immigrant families navigate social services, the immigration detention system, and voter registration. She also did paralegal work at an immigration law firm in Memphis, Tenn. While studying abroad in Mexico, she served as a human rights observer and lived with Zapatista families who were threatened with forced displacement from their homes. She volunteers at a Boston legal clinic, helping young people whose parents brought them to the country illegally gain work permits and driver's licenses.

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After graduating, she hopes to continue working with immigrants in the U. Age: 27 Hometown: San Diego, Calif. While studying development and human health in Kenya, Lara Berlin discovered her passion for human rights. During her junior year at Yale, she traveled to Kenya through a study abroad program called the School for International Training.

Trends of the future: 2025 and beyond

She enjoyed it so much that she went to Sierra Leone after graduation and studied conflict resolution and the barriers facing female candidates in local elections with the Search for Common Ground. Last spring, she worked on a project for U. Agency for International Development , writing primers on conflict resolution. She also spent last summer researching the impact of covert drone operations on civilians at the Washington, D. As a student attorney, Berlin has mediated small claims cases in the Harvard Mediation Program and learned the basics of conflict negotiation with the Harvard Negotiators.

And she has continued her human rights work through the Harvard International Human Rights Clinic , where she worked on a project to address the challenges facing Syrian refugees. She used the popularity of MTV to connect people with nonprofits and government agencies working for social change. Bradshaw's own cause is trying to reform the way the law handles teenage prostitutes in America.

She hopes to help develop laws that would treat teenage prostitutes as children, rather than adults. She's a member of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau and previously worked for the Legal Aid Society of New York , where she was involved with juvenile delinquency intake and child protective permanency hearings. Navy for 10 years before coming to law school.


As a flight instructor, he spent most of his time teaching students how to land on aircraft carriers — something he found extremely rewarding. Now that he's in law school, Cox is still committed to helping people. He is a member of the Harvard Defenders , where he represents low-income criminal defendants for free. Stephanie Davidson began helping domestic violence victims during her undergrad years at Columbia, when she offered counseling and aid to rape victims.

Before law school, she spent two years as an investigative analyst for the Sex Crimes Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. She worked with prosecutors on rape trials and got to know many victims closely, cementing her desire to work with victims of sex crimes and domestic abuse. At Harvard Law, Davidson has established herself as one of the most prominent women's rights advocates on campus.

She has been the full attorney on trials for six domestic violence survivors as a student lawyer at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau.

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Admissions FAQ - Canadian Law School Application Assistant

Davidson is also the president of the Harvard Women's Law Association , an office she uses to mentor younger women at HLS and to bring female Supreme Court justices, litigators, and activists to campus. After she graduates, she plans to continue providing civil legal services to domestic violence survivors, most likely in New York City. During her first year of law school, she won the Williston Negotiation Competition. Since then, she's gone on to become the managing editor of the Negotiation Law Review.

Desai specializes in IP and copyright law. In fact, she teaches it to other law students as a teaching fellow in an experimental copyright course. Eventually, she wants to focus on intellectual property litigation as well as transactional music and entertainment work. She also hopes to be able to teach courses at a local university on the practical application of IP law. David Dorfman is an actor who has played the lead in 11 films and acted in several TV shows and commercials. But he didn't just excel at acting at a very young age.

That's because he started his undergrad career at UCLA when he was During his undergrad years, he decided to give back through acting. He organized improv workshops in inner-city schools and put on performances for charity. When he was only 17, he graduated as valedictorian and received top honors for his thesis on Brazilian migration.

At Harvard Law, he works on three different legal journals — Legislation, Sports and Entertainment Law, and National Security — and serves in student government as a 1L representative and the president of his academic section. York University has an enticing study program, including novel cross-disciplinary degrees, such as integrated science, disaster management and globalization of indigenous peoples. If you are thinking about enlisting in an innovative post-secondary program, the University of Waterloo, located 90 minutes from Toronto, is just what you need.

Student entrepreneurs can engage with after-school activities in Velocity Garage, a free start-up incubator and grow as businessmen along taking exams. Advanced tech and interdisciplinary courses, such as knowledge integration, nanotechnology engineering and remote piloting lay a fertile ground for developing a business idea that you can launch after you graduate. Simon Fraser University provides stunning mountain views to take your eyes off the books when you complete your course lessons.

Other sites on the StudyMalaysia Network

Simon Fraser University is a new favorite for internationals, topping the ranks this year by the student reputation. The great thing about the three campuses located in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver is that they have established a social scene for students with strong bonds to the local community. The wide scope of academic classes ranging from advanced environmental programs to business design and mechatronics makes it inclusive to all type of scholars.

If you enjoy cool courses with an exuberant social life, Simon Fraser might be your choice. Simon Fraser is about 30 minutes by car, or an hour by bus, from downtown Vancouver. The rates for grad students are a factor that may make you forget about the living costs. The excellent research reputation can compensate for the harsh winters. The city-sleek ambience, the wide-range of student support services, and a world famous shopping mall are welcoming students from almost countries who come to study at the University of Alberta.

With an average of sunny days per year, it is a contrast to the stark Canadian weather everywhere else. The amazing ski slopes 2 hours away are just a bonus. Canadian medical and law schools top among the favorites for international students. The New Brunswick University will definitely suffice for the pickiest future medical doctors and lawyers while the 75 other courses available at Fredericton and Saint John campuses make the University of New Brunswick one of the best options if you are on a budget, particularly if you find a bargain in accommodation.

The study curricula comprises attractive programs related to human and satellite intelligence, as well as courses in global web activism. If you are lucky enough to be a French citizen, you can qualify for extra-affordable rates on the level of Quebec residents. Toronto is the picture of Canadian multiculturalism and one of the deciding factors for over 15, student per year to choose it as a preference.

The world-famous University of Toronto is great for culture fans, with many world class attractions, including the Toronto Film Festival, which is one of the top 3 film festivals in the world. Sometimes, it pays off to pay higher tuition fees to get lively panoramas, a choice of smaller and larger campuses, as well as access to some of the best research grants in the world. All the best open-air experiences in Canada are in the Vancouver area, so, if you are thinking long-term and want to stay in Canada after you complete studies, the University of British Columbia is a smart choice.

A cumulative GPA that includes all undergraduate work is also calculated and reported. A cumulative GPA for a school within an institution cannot be calculated. Courses excluded from the academic summary are not included in the GPA calculation. There may be some variation between the GPAs calculated by LSAC and those calculated by colleges or students; however, the variation is rarely substantial.

All credits are reported in terms of semester hours. All earned credits not reported in semester hours are converted to that system.

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Trimester hours are treated as semester hours; quarter hours are multiplied by. Credits recorded in other units are converted to semester hours using the formula supplied by the college issuing the transcript. Although passing grades for courses with only one or two passing grades may not be converted to the 4. These courses, and any course for which the transcript shows credit but no grade, appear in the Unconverted Credit Hours section of the law school report.

Skip to main content. Transcript Summarization. Incomplete—only if the issuing school considers the grade nonpunitive. Those given for remedial courses only if the transcript clearly indicates they are remedial.